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This Year has Been Hard for Kids
Learn How to Promote Your Kids Physical And Mental Health Through Engaging Exercise at Home.
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If You Have Seen Any of These Signs in Your Child, You Need to Take Action Right Away!

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How to Support your Child to Deal With the Emotional Challenges of Our Current Situation. 

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How to Put your Child on a Path of Physical, Social and Emotional Well-Being. 

Meet your Host

Curt Jordan

Curt has been teaching kids for almost 20 years. Guiding children to become mindful movers is his passion and he is grateful to bring people of all ages together through play. 

He is a monkey. He runs around, climbs on top of things, swings from lamp posts and is excited to play with everyone!

He has trained and worked as a physical therapy assistant, paramedic, personal trainer, lifeguard, parkour instructor, and a special education teacher. His love for helping kids improve their minds, bodies, and spirits is obvious to everyone who sees him teach and interact with his students.

As one of our mom puts it: "Curt's connection with kids is on a magical level. He brings the kids into the fold with a mix of free-spirited play, discipline of skill building practice, being safe, and challenging yourself to do something outside of your comfort zone."   

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